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Customer wants to use Lightsail for hosting of a small eCommerce website. They using the Lightsail Load Balancers, and would like to use Lightsail CDN (Cloudfront), but want WAF as well. Reading this I was'nt sure if Lightsail can be integrated with WAF?

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WAF isn't natively supported by Lightsail at this stage.

The customer could however create a Cloudfront + WAF combination and use the Lightsail ALB DNS name as origin to make use of the security features offered by WAF. However, that would mean they have to create and maintain their own CloudFront Distribution, which may or may not work for your customer.

answered 2 years ago
  • Do I need to use the public load balancer URL as origin for Cloudfront, or is there another way which prevents exposing the origin externally (and avoids data charges between CloudFront and Lightsail)?

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