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/Error 522 Connection Timed Out/

Error 522 Connection Timed Out


My website is not responding since last 10 days, it's showing Error 522 connection timed out. I have already done all the basic steps which are required to prevent this errors such as clear cookies, used different browsers etc but still it's didn't work. Please help me to fix this issue. Website:

2 Answers

According to the CloudFlare website this is cause by the connection to the web server timing out.

Have you tried connecting to your instance without going through CloudFlare? What response do you get then? If the web server isn't running or having some other error the steps you've taken (clearing cookies, different browsers) are not going to make any difference.

answered 21 days ago
  • I have stoped an instance state because it was costing 0.023$/hr. Right after that error 522 popping on the website. Instance id - i-0d63ae9802a4a2baa

  • I'm not sure what to add here: A stopped instance means the web server definitely isn't responding. ;-)

  • But why it's costing when i'm a free tire user?

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud running Linux/UNIX runs Hour274.352 Hrs $0.00 for 1 Gbps per t3a.small instance-hour (or partial hour)274.352 Hrs

    $0.00 per GB-month of General Purpose (SSD) provisioned storage under monthly free tier6.764 GB-Mo

    (showing this in the billing dashboard)

  • If you believe you're being charged for something you shouldn't; please post that as a question. Alternately, raise a support case to discuss with our team.


Yes, as said by Brettski, the error is due to connection issue. First thing first, 1) Check the server is running or not 2) Check webserver is running or not 3) Do the telnet by ssh to server as : telnet <server_name> <port_no> 4) Do curl by ssh to server as: curl <website_url> (try both public & provide IP address) 5) Does the server has public IP? yes, then test with IP address 6) Check the security & NACL is it allowing connection for specific port not?

Above are the troubleshooting point, if still issue persists then provide the following info, 1) What is the architecture of the application, how the server & DNS is connected 2) access.log from the server

Regards, Nikhil Shah

answered 21 days ago

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