My account Auto upgrade AWS support plan to Enterprise


I realized my account auto-changed the AWS support plan to Enterprise even though didn't do it. I'm not sure, maybe a problem occurs when I ask the question below.

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Thank you for you answer. So there are ways to know who account to change the plan?

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How much cost i need to pay per month with Enterprise plan?

Enterprise plan pricing is listed here, along with the other support plans:

Greater of:


  • or -
  • 10% of monthly AWS charges for the first $0--$150K
  • 7% of monthly AWS charges from $150K--$500K
  • 5% of monthly AWS charges from $500K--$1M
  • 3% of monthly AWS charges over $1M

*Add-on available for addition fee: AWS Incident Detection and Response

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While the other answers are correct in explaining the cost of Enterprise Support, there are a few important things to note...

Unlike other support plans, you generally cannot enable Enterprise Support on your account easily from the console after you already created the account and started using the services (because of multiple reasons like cost and the fact that you have dedicated resources assigned to your accounts from AWS side when you sign up for Enterprise Support plane). We obviously don't want you to accidentally enable it and then get charged $15k a month unwillingly.

Is your account linked to a Management Payer account (your account is a member account in AWS Organizations)? If so, the most likely scenario is that there is an agreement with AWS (normally this is communicated through the Payer account in Organization), under which all member accounts will get enabled with Enterprise Support. Since the Payer account pays the bill - you should not be worried about Enterprise Support charges going to your individual account. When such agreement is done from the Payer account level, then AWS enables all accounts under that Payer with Enterprise Support plan. So, as I mentioned, most likely nobody from the people who have access to your account could actually enable Enterprise Support plan from the console, but this was done on the AWS side based on the agreement with the Payer account.

I suggest reaching out to AWS Support if you have any questions in this regard, as Support team would be able to check whether that's the case (support plan enabled through the Payer) -

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