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Dear Team - we are deploying one EFS file system (400 GB) that will have extremely high read usage. Based on our testing, we are expecting around 900TB of total read Bytes data. Based on the ETDataAccess-Bytes in cost calculator, cost is coming around $25K - $27K/Month. Based on this, can anyone let me know if Provisioned throughput would be cheaper option ? if yes, how much provisioned throughput we can consider to match the above read data and how much we can save ? TotalIOBytes for one min sample is 62,990,890,424

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Below are the rough estimates created according to your question

Estimated Cost with Bursting Throughput:

400 GB storage: $40 (assuming $0.10/GB) 900 TB of read data: $25,000 - $27,000 (based on ETDataAccess-Bytes) Total: $25,040 - $27,040

Calculating Required Provisioned Throughput:

TotalIOBytes/minute: 62,990,890,424 / 60 = 1,049,848,173.73 bytes/second

Converting to MB/s: 1,049,848,173.73 / 1048576 = 1001.25 MB/s

Required provisioned throughput: 1000 MB/s -1200MB/s (Approx)

Estimated Cost with Provisioned Throughput:

400 GB storage: $40

1000 MB/s throughput: $10,000 (assuming $10/MB/s)

Total: $10,040 (Approx)

Potential Savings:

$14,960 - $17,000 per month with Provisioned Throughput

Based on estimated costs, Provisioned Throughput appears significantly cheaper for your high-read workload. However, consider:

Workload Variability:

  • If traffic patterns fluctuate unpredictably, Bursting Throughput might be more cost-effective.
  • Throughput Monitoring: Continuously monitor usage to ensure you're not under-provisioning or overpaying.
  • Cost Optimization Strategies: Explore data compression, caching, or tiered storage to further reduce costs.


  • Start with Provisioned Throughput: Begin with provisioned throughput and monitor usage closely.
  • Adjust as Needed: Adjust throughput levels based on actual usage patterns.
  • Consider Lifecycle Management: Optimize costs by moving infrequently accessed data to Infrequent Access (IA) storage classes.
  • Leverage AWS Support: Consult AWS support for more tailored recommendations based on your specific workload and requirements.



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