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db.r4 instance classes are not visible


db.r4 instance classes are not visible on the RDS console even when i select "Include previous generation classes"

asked 5 months ago45 views
2 Answers

Check out the Supported DB engines for DB instance classes section on the Amazon RDS Documentation and ensure whichever DB engine you are using is supported by the db.r4 instance type. For example, if you're using PostgreSQL, the db.r4 is only supported on lower than PostgreSQL 13 engines.

You can also check under the Availability and durability section when creating a new RDS instance. If you're attempting to create a Multi-AZ DB Instance or* Single DB Instance*, you'll see the db.r4 instance type available. That changes, however, if you instead select Multi-AZ DB Cluster due to supported architecture.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you for your response. My DB engine is 10.18 and from the docs db.r4large is available for 10.4 and higher FYI modifying the db instance is not something new im trying to do, anytime there is traffic i always modify the db instance from db.r4large to db.r4.16xlarge. but just last week, i realised the db.r4 family was no more available in the dropdown options but rather was updated to db.r5 family, even when i select "Include previous generation classes" the db.r4 classes doesn't show up. Another worry is that i have already purchased a reserved DB instance of db.r4large which i cant take advantage of at the moment, like i did previously until just last week

  • Do you happen to have AWS Support? Support would likely be able to assist by seeing what's going on behind the scenes and ensure you are receiving your reservation pricing.


i will reach out to support Thanks

answered 5 months ago

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