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/Amazon connect contact flow regression testing/

Amazon connect contact flow regression testing


How do we set up an automation testing for Amazon connect flows? Is there a way to do it without any 3rd party vendors.

We are expecting to do an automated testing for all our flows to reduce manual efforts required in testing

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Tim here on the Premium Support Team. I work on Connect cases and took it upon myself to investigate this since I had an interest in it myself!

Poking around on my end I don’t see there is anything besides 3rd party solutions that are out-of-the-box methods currently.

I did get a hint that you could do something like this however I can only share this information as-is on a best effort since it’s a bit custom and stands to have a few complicated details you may run into (like any solution out there, hard to say until you start developing):

Build a test harness in AWS Lambda that would make calls from one connect instance to the one you want tested via the outboundcalls API. From what I learned you want to place the connect instances in different regions just to avoid quotas that are account + region specific if any exists.

You might be able to look over this solution,, and craft it into a load tester.

As far as AWS recommended approaches, there isn’t anything at the moment besides recommending something custom, and this blog post I think is a good starting position.

answered 2 months ago

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