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/QuickSight SPICE Refresh failed with permission denied/

QuickSight SPICE Refresh failed with permission denied


In SPICE -> I have one simple query ag select * from <db>.public.<tableName>

and when I try to full refresh the spice it give me error as

sourceErrorCode: 500310 sourceErrorMessage: Amazon Invalid operation: permission denied for relation <tableName>; sourceErrorState: 42501 sourceException: java.sql.SQLException sourceType: REDSHIFT

FYI: I can perform the same query on query editor, it works fine. I also granted the full permission to my user using GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL FUNCTIONS IN SCHEMA public to <userName>;

any help?

  • just to confirm: have you checked if the Redshift DataSource is using the User you expect for the connection?

1 Answers

Thank you for posting your query, Please check your Redshift DataSource to confirm if the user you are using in the DataSource and the user that you have granted the privileges are the same. If you still have issues, please raise a ticket with AWS support so we can investigate further.

answered 5 months ago

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