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Build SageMaker container get started has missing S3 bucket


Going through the Get Started: Use Amazon SageMaker Containers to Run a Python Script page:

I think I made a mistake and deleted the S3 bucket that it created. Now it can't find it and I can't create a bucket with that name anymore. I tried creating a brand new Notebook and starting over but it still looks for that same S3 bucket.

How can I reset things to use a new S3 bucket or get the S3 bucket back?

Any help appreciated.

asked 2 years ago19 views
1 Answer

A day later and now I was able to create that S3 bucket with the specific name and builds are now persisted there. Issue resolved.

Lesson learned: it uses a fixed name that does not change (even for a new Notebook) for the S3 bucket.

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answered 2 years ago

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