SNS service SMS sending is failing sometimes.


We are trying to send SMS through our micro service and sometimes SNS delivers the SMS and sometimes we don't get the SMS. For short-length SMS it always sends it but the one in which we send url and length is longer it stops sending. I faced this issue from AWS Console as well.

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Please note that SMS delivery involves multiple downstream providers for the last leg of message delivery. Different destination country have different local laws and regulations to which SMS sender should comply to. For example, sending unregistered SMS to India using SenderID will fail, sending URLs as a part of SMS might fail for Nordic destinations.

Hence it is recommended to follow the best practices mentioned here

Additionally, SMS might also fail in case the destination mobile handset is having some issues. For example, being out of network coverage, mobile storage being full etc. Please do enable Delivery Status Logs following the steps mentioned here to understand why SMS is failing.

However, if you require additional help, reach out to AWS Support with at least 3 latest delivery logs for further investigation.

answered 2 years ago

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