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Once I log onto AWS Console Home, I select EC2 under Compute services and open as a new tab (I am using Google Chrome as my browser). Normally I would see a list of EC2 instances that we have running. Today I get a blank screen. The Tab says "EC2 Management Console", but not even the page headers load. Any ideas on what's going on? I get the same issue with "S3 Management Console" and "Route 53 Management Console". The only one that I normally use that is still functioning is "Managed Services Console" under Customer Enablement.

  • Try it from a different browser, just to help diagnose the problem. Let us know if it works!

1 Answers

If you haven't already, try some of these standard browser troubleshooting steps and report back...

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Try opening in an Incongito window (as another way to avoid cached files and credentials)
  • Open the browser console to see if there are warnings or errors that may provide clues
answered 4 months ago

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