Cloud Front 504: HTTP/1.1 504 Error


Hi team,

Previously my site was working correctly with ALB in AWS but now I have attached the Cloud front with the ALb but it's providing the 504 error. I have checked the all thing but resolve it.

Could you please help on this urgently?

Thanks, Anuj

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2 Answers

Did you check all the possible causes mentioned in this page? For example, you need to change your ALB's security group to allow inbound traffic from CloudFront.

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answered 10 months ago
  • Yes I have checked the security group and allow the all traffic in security group but it's not working. It's throwing the error from cloud front.

  • Then did you use the right protocol? Depending on your distribution settings, your distribution might access the origin with HTTP or HTTPS protocol.


504 error implies that Cloudfront is not getting timely reply from ALB. It may be due communication issue between Cloudfront and ALB. For this, check network ACL of ALB subnets (since you already checked ALB security group).

Second reason can be Cloudfront times out before getting reply from ALB. For this, check the latency of response given by ALB and if it is more than Cloudfront timeout-> increase cloudfront timeout or improve the ALB latency.

answered 8 months ago

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