Updating cloudwatch alarm blocked by permissions


I am trying to update thresholds in a cloud watch alarm -- I log in and use CAZ to get admin access. But when I try to edit alarm thresholds or data points and hit "update" I get error:

... is not authorized to perform: cloudwatch:PutMetricAlarm on resource: ... because no session policy allows the PutMetricAlarm action.  

Additional details:

  • I can create an S3 bucket on the account but I cannot update or create an alarm.
  • The account doesn't have any cloudwatch specific roles.
  • A few weeks ago when we were still using MPA instead of CAZ we didn't experience these issues -- might be CAZ related.


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Is it possible to see which IAM policies are currently attached?
The error is due to insufficient permissions to operate CloudWatch.
The permission "cloudwatch:PutMetricAlarm" must be set to edit CloudWatch Alarm.
The following documents may be helpful regarding CloudWatch permissions.

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answered 15 days ago
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reviewed 15 days ago

Thanks, I've created the role, but now I can't assign the role, how do I get permissions to do that? I'm reviewing access denied troubleshooting.

answered 2 days ago

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