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How to akses prefix S3 while auto record with IVS ?


Today i try use IVS service with auto record to s3 bucket. the problem is after live streaming ended i want to get the video recorded in s3. I follow the documentation then I get path/prefix like bellow:


at the path I can find in response json excpet


FYI the recording_id create when I start live streaming, but I cannot get response. so how i can get recording id with response JSON to access the path of video recorded in s3


2 Answers

You may need to retrieve the recoding_ending.json to be able to access the recording in S3. Also make sure the recording didn't fail (recording_failed.json). Please refer to the following link for additional information on IVS Record to S3. Take particular note of the following sub sections

  • Discovering the Renditions of a Recording
  • Playback of Recorded Content from Private Buckets
answered 4 months ago
  •  {
      "version": "v1",
      "recording_started_at": "2022-04-09T07:22:01Z",
      "recording_ended_at": "2022-04-09T07:39:10Z",
      "channel_arn": "arn:aws:ivs:ap-northeast-1:043177020963:channel/GNQAcgyM7LM0",
      "recording_status": "RECORDING_ENDED",
      "media": {
        "hls": {
          "duration_ms": 1032204,
          "path": "media/hls",
          "playlist": "master.m3u8",
          "renditions": [
              "path": "480p",
              "playlist": "playlist.m3u8",
              "resolution_width": 852,
              "resolution_height": 480
        "thumbnails": { "path": "media/thumbnails" }
    } ```
    thanks for your answer Mike-Me, I already following the documentation and check the recoding_ending.json like above but in the file still don't have <recording_id> to access path according the documentation you share, or we don't need recording_id to access it...?

To add on to the above solution, the Amazon IVS team recommends using the "Recording State Change" Amazon EventBridge events ( to gather the recording_id (or recording_s3_key_prefix). These events are produced at the start and end of a recording session, which includes the recording_s3_bucket_name (ie: which S3 bucket the content was stored in) and the recording_s3_key_prefix (ie: the bucket/folder path of where the content was stored within the S3 bucket). Hopefully this helps achieve the information that you are inquiring about.

answered 4 months ago

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