SSL Installation Error: DNS Failed to verify please check last article


I am unable to install SSL on domain due to txt records verifications, However, I did not get Txt records on Route 53 so let me know where do I find the txt records in AWS

domain name:

please see attached screenshots

Please check I have updated same light dns records to Domain Register

Even though My amazon work mail is not working yet....

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If you are trying to validate the control of one of your domains by creating a TXT record in order to get a TLS/SSL certificate for the domain, you can create a TXT record in Amazon Route 53 by following this guide and selecting TXT in the Record type field at step 7. Continue following the instructions of your TLS/SSL certificate provider to fill in the Value field with the verification token that they have provided.

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  • Unable to find exactly where to add name records. in above article I won't understand how would I get all the records. provide concise steps. As Route 53 did not provide any records like txt, mx,cname etc however hosted zone already created

  • Since you have already created the hosted zone, you need to open it in the console (step 2-5) and then click on “Create record” (step 6) to add the TXT record. As explained above, the record type can be selected from the drop-down "Record type" menu (step 7).


There are no screenshots attached, I am afraid.

For ACM DNS validation, there is a requirement to create CNAME records in your domain.

Please ensure the CNAME records are correct.

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answered a year ago

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