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How do I transfer data from EBS volume to EFS site using DataSync?


Hi There,

I want to copy some data from my EBS volume to EFS site and for this purpose I want to use AWS DataSync. When I am trying to choose source location (while setting up Datasync Task) there is no option to choose EBS volume as source point. Can someone guide on how can I accomplish data transfer from EBS volume to EFS using DataSync service?

2 Answers

Hello, if you are able to mount the EFS on the instance with that EBS attached, you can copy the information using tools like rsync, which will allow to sync all the data from source to destination, here you have an example of how to use it

rsync -apv /data/mydisk/ /mount/myefs/

This command will sync all the info from the specific path to your mount point.

I hope this works for you

answered 4 months ago
  • Thank yuo so much Gustavo for the answer. However this use case requires me to specifically use the DataSync service to transfer data from EBS volume to EFS site. Any thoughts on how can I accomplish this with DataSync?


Hi Dhairya,

DataSync does not support EBS as a direct location to transfer data from. If you can create an NFS or SMB share for that EBS data then you can use DataSync to move data from the source file share to an EFS location.

answered 4 months ago

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