RDS extended support for MySQL 5.7 database is missing?


How do I enable Extended Support for my MySQL 5.7.44 database?

In an email sent to me from AWS sent on the 24th October 2023 it explains:

"On September 1, 2023, Amazon RDS announced Extended Support for MySQL 5.7 major version. MySQL version 5.7.44 is the only minor version eligible for Extended Support. If you are unable to complete your upgrade to major version 8.0 before February 29, 2024, and would like to continue running RDS for MySQL DB instances on major version 5.7, you can opt in to RDS Extended Support and upgrade your instance to version 5.7.44 anytime before the end of standard support date on February 29, 2024...."

It talks about opting in more than once, I'm expecting I need to find a button to do this:

"If RDS Extended Support is the right option for your business, you can opt in to RDS Extended Support starting in December, 2023. We will publish a notification on AWS Health Dashboard when it’s time to opt-in."

This is the right option for my business, where do I opt-in?

Where is the button?

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Accepted Answer


You will now be automatically enrolled in Amazon RDS Extended Support starting February 29, 2024.
This means that you do not need to opt-in and will be automatically enrolled in Extended Support, so if you cannot afford to incur Extended Support fees, please upgrade your DB version.

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answered 2 months ago

I can only assume its not been published yet

We will publish a notification on AWS Health Dashboard when it’s time to opt-in

I would Keep an eye out for thie notification and check your Health Dashboard too for the notification

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answered 3 months ago

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