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How to create Kali Linux container on LightSail


I tried to create Kali Linux container on LighiSail.

I've specified 'Image' as 'kalilinux/kali-rolling' and instance type as Micro x1.

Then I started deploying, but I got an error.

The Log message of container is as follows.

 [18/9/2022:07:33:12] [deployment:1] Creating your deployment
 [18/9/2022:07:34:41] [deployment:1] Started 1 new node
 [18/9/2022:07:36:14] [deployment:1] Started 1 new node
 [18/9/2022:07:37:39] [deployment:1] Started 1 new node

Is there a way to resolve this?

2 Answers

Hello there,

I see that the logs you shared hasn't been completed. It may be that deployment is still ongoing or canceled. You should refresh the logs after some time. If you see similar message below, it means the deployment failed. [18/Sept/2022:08:48:26] [deployment:1] Canceled

I can see that you are running kalilinux/kali-rolling. Note that this is unlike a web based application image that exposes container ports for it to be in running state.

Did you provide any launch command for this Kali linux image in the Lightsail deployment? I did inspect the image and I see that you can run bash commands with it during startup.

docker inspect kalilinux/kali-rolling | grep Cmd -A2
            "Cmd": [

If you create the deployment in Lightsail without a launch command that ought to keep the container in a running state, the container will fail, hence the error you faced.

To resolve this, specify a Launch command for example tail -f /dev/null that will ensure the container remain in running state then your deployment will succeed as the container will return the message: "Reached a steady state".

Enter image description here

Refer to more example here.

answered 12 days ago

Thank you for your response.


answered 10 days ago

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