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Connect remote sites using VPN to access on-prem via existing Direct Connect?


Hello, we currently have a Direct Connect Link with a private VIF connecting a few VPCs to our on-prem environment, and it is terminated at a Direct Connect Gateway. We are planning to build some VPN tunnels to connect a few remote sites to one "hub" VPC, so would it be possible for the remote sites to route traffic back to on-prem via the "hub" VPC? Thanks!

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Accepted Answer

This is not supported.

The following traffic flows are not supported: ...Direct communication between the virtual interfaces that are attached to a single Direct Connect gateway and a VPN connection on a virtual private gateway that's associated with the same Direct Connect gateway.

For this type of communications, the recommended model is to use Transit Gateway (requires a Transit VIF) to route traffic between on-prem and remote VPN sites.

answered 6 months ago

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