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/Can't use ACM certificate in Cloudfront China/

Can't use ACM certificate in Cloudfront China


I am in China region, created a ACM certificate in cn-north-1 region. I then tried to use this certificate to create a cloudfront. But I got error "Invalid request provided: The specified SSL certificate source isn't available in this region."

I then tried to create ACM certificate in cn-northwest-1 region, but result in the same error.

I read the doc, it says I must use us-east-1 to create certificate but that region isn't available in China.

So is it possible to use certificate manager with cloudfront in China?

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If you need to use the Cloudfront , You must create ACM in us-east-1 region then you can use it Cloudfront, Please check the link for the regions

AWS Premium support:

How do I configure my CloudFront distribution to use an SSL/TLS certificate?

Thank You GK

answered 2 months ago

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