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/Is it possible to pass variables in a websocket $connect call?/

Is it possible to pass variables in a websocket $connect call?


I have some existing code using Tomcat and Grizzly webservers, and they accept a path like the following:


It doesn't seem possible to configure API Gateway v2 endpoints to have variables such as subject here. Is that correct or am I missing something?

I realize that I can work around this by sending messages, but it creates an inconsistency from the client perspective and there doesn't seem a good "reason" for it, except it hasn't been done yet.

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Currently WebSocket API does not support path variables on $connect. You can send query string or custom header (if the client is non-browser) though.

answered 2 years ago


I wasn't actually able to get the headers approach to work; I'm not sure why, but I only seem to see a subset of the actual headers in the WebSocket lambda.

The query parameters approach worked fine, though.

answered 2 years ago

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