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"message": "Bad Request: Configuration must be a valid YAML document"


I followed the AWS steps tp create a cluster, however, I got this message at the last step..

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Without the YAML file you're using it's not possible to say where the problem is.

A common problem is if you've copied the text on the previous page into (say) Microsoft Word and then saved it. Some editors (Word is the main offender here but there are others) will change the formatting, insert "smart quotes" and that will make the YAML file non-compliant. Always use a plain text editor like Notepad for copy/paste of code.

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answered 8 months ago
  • Thank you very much for a quick response! I did use Notepad to edit it. In fact I also used vi edit it on CouldShell, both gave me the same ERROR messages. Can I share the YAML file somewhere here?

  • never mind, I figured this out. looks like there there is a indentation incorrect in my YAML file. I corrected it. Thanks

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