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How to change instance type without losing data


Hi, I have a t3.large instance created, with 3 EBS volumes, root, /opt and /local/notesdata and I would like to change it to a m5.large.

On /opt, I have my main program installed (HCL Domino 12, a popular email server). That program, has his data on an additional volume mount on /local/notesdata.

While I am aware that I can detach that 2 volumes, create a new instance using m5.large, and attach that volumes on them, and I am not sure if Domino will launch correctly withouth some information stores on the root/main volumen (where the service is created, for example). Also, I would lost my /home directories on the new instance created.

So, basically, how do I change a famility from a type to another one ? Is the information stores on the root volume ( /etc configuration, /home directories, inet.d services) lost ? Should I recreate manually all the information that was setup on the root volume when I do a new instance ?

Thks !!!

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Accepted Answer

The information is not lost if you change the instance type, except the instance store-backed instances. You also have to make sure your source and target instance types are compatible with each other. For more information on compatibility check please see:

You can:

  1. Safely shutdown the instance (make sure the shutdown behavior is not set to terminate).

  2. Change the instance type and

  3. Start the instance again.

The procedure for instance store-backed instances is documented on below url:

answered 9 months ago

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