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SAM & Docker Builds-- How do they update (not working for me)?


TLDR' Sam deploy for docker images not recognizing changes to Dockerfile or

Using this terrific blog post--> , I've built an image with an NLP framework and pushed to ECR then accessed from another lambda. No problem.

When I go to the Dockerfile and the to make changes and expand the text analysis functions I am trying to use, sam deploy says no changes to be deployed.

I've tried:

  1. sam validate && sam build && sam deploy
  2. sam validate && sam build && sam deploy --guided (repeatedly)
  3. sam validate && sam build && sam deploy --force-uploads
  4. Removed "cache=true" from the samconfig.toml and tried again

In the past, I've done manual docker pushes and worked with Dokku/Docker so I am not completely ignorant of the process. But this is odd behavior. I read someplace else lambdas connected to docker images don't reset for the "latest" image version. What am I missing?

1 Answer

For time being, I copied the original lambda function with another name and image tag. Deploying correctly.

answered 7 months ago

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