AWS Batch: how to propagate tags to ECS clusters and EC2 auto scaling groups?


When setting up a managed compute environment, AWS Batch allows to set tags on compute resources it creates. Per my experiments these tags get only applied to EC2 instances launched in the compute environment, but not to the ECS cluster nor the EC2 auto scaling group created for the environment.

Is this a bug in AWS Batch? If not, what's the recommended way to propagate tags to Batch-initiated ECS clusters and auto scaling groups?

Ralf J
asked 2 years ago915 views
1 Answer

Hey @Ralf J - nope, this is not a bug. That functionality is only intended to tag the EC2 instances. You can certainly ask for a feature request to be opened against AWS Batch on this if it's valuable. I am curious to know more about your use case. Are you trying to operate on the resources and use the tags to filter, doing something like this?

aws autoscaling describe-auto-scaling-groups --filters <tags>
answered a year ago
  • I want to use the tags for monitoring.

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