How do I carry data between levels in multiplayer open world


I am designing a game similar to Star Citizen and using this system,


to switch between different planet locations (levels) and ran into a problem, so when my ship does the whole boot up the fast travel drive, I want the player to be instantly carried over to the level once it's finished loading and also make the player's inventory and stats also carried over to the other level. Is there any way to do this?

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I have decided to switch to another engine, but have some tips to make fix this game engine.

  1. Add level streaming system that is easy to use and accessible
  2. Upgrade the whole editor visuals(the editor ruins the look of my world when I was trying to make my game)
  3. Add new features more often(I know this isn't easy to do, but if you want to be the next Unreal Engine 4 or Unity you have to add more features)
  4. The team building in this engine is not possible or if its is(it is probably extremely time consuming to do + you might need to read full pages to find this probably)
  5. Improve the script canvas, I personally don't come from a backround of coding but a design backround so being able to create my game still without needing to code is extremely important for me.
  6. Improve the documentation style, instead of adding all text, add some pictures to make it more easier to see and read, as this helps me understand more.
  7. Add documentation for vehicles, when I was trying to create my game I had to look at Cry Engine documentation to find that, and still that documentation didn't fully help me, I know a lot of people want to create flying or driving vehicles like me and can't without coding and spending hours trying to do something that can be easily done with just a press of a button in other game engines.
  8. Add 64-bit system for levels instead of the current 32-bit. The user should not create features for the game engine, but instead use features, CIG (Star Citizen) was able to do this easily, I don't know why it takes so long to add these important features, but if you worry about the users hardware not able to run this engine, well its their problem not yours, a good idea is to instead make a version of lumberyard that have more advanced features for better hardware(computers).
  9. Add better and easier level design features to create large worlds, and also allow for the player to design planet worlds where it integrates flat surfaces on circle surfaces and mix them together to allow for circular worlds to be easy to make and also possible, you made yourself be the whole engine for "large worlds", well show us the features then to create the "large worlds".
  10. Last tip, and this tip will make this engine so much better! Add a launcher where the game engine updates itself and the worlds and also where the marketplace for the gems and assets are, and this is the most important one instead for the user to rebuild the game engine himself, do this in the launcher so that the person will have an easier time using this. Well hope this engine improves and be more fun and easier for people to use.
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If anyone knows please message here

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By the way does anyone know if Unreal Engine 4 can do this because I am right now thinking of switching over due to them having a great system of level streaming. Though that system takes a while to make it, it at least might work for me to create the space open world game I wish to create.

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Ok lets retype the question because even the staff can't answer, how do I carry over online player data between levels in a multiplayer world without the player noticing

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