UE5.3 Packaging Unreal project with GameLift failed


Hello, I just packaged game project with GameLiftServerSDK for server target and got this error.

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): ------ Building 4 action(s) started ------ UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [1/4] Compile [x64] GameLiftBuildCheck.cpp UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [2/4] Compile [x64] Module.GameLiftServerSDK.cpp UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): [3/4] Link [x64] GameLiftBuildCheckServer.exe UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): Creating library D:\UnrealProject\GameLiftBuildCheck\Binaries\Win64\GameLiftBuildCheckServer.lib and object D:\UnrealProject\GameLiftBuildCheck\Binaries\Win64\GameLiftBuildCheckServer.exp UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): Module.GameLiftServerSDK.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "class Aws::GameLift::Outcome<void *,class Aws::GameLift::GameLiftError> __cdecl Aws::GameLift::Server::InitSDK(void)" (?InitSDK@Server@GameLift@Aws@@YA?AV?$Outcome@PEAXVGameLiftError@GameLift@Aws@@@23@XZ) referenced in function "public: virtual class TGameLiftOutcome<void *,struct FGameLiftError> __cdecl FGameLiftServerSDKModule::InitSDK(void)" (?InitSDK@FGameLiftServerSDKModule@@UEAA?AV?$TGameLiftOutcome@PEAXUFGameLiftError@@@@XZ) UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): D:\UnrealProject\GameLiftBuildCheck\Binaries\Win64\GameLiftBuildCheckServer.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): Total time in Parallel executor: 8.60 seconds

Thsi error happens when just enable GameLiftSDK plugin.

Is there anyone who knows a solution to this error? Please let me know.

OS : Windows11 Unreal Engine : 5.3 GameliftServerSDK : 5.0.4 GameLiftServerSDK UnrealPlugin : 5.1.0

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1 Answer

Hey Yuni,

The GameLift Server SDK v5.1.0 introduces a new API, InitSDK (with no parameters). The UnrealPlugin GameLiftServerSDK is a wrapper of the C++ GameLiftServerSDK, so it will likely fail without the C++ SDK upgraded to 5.1.0 as well.

Hope that helps!

answered 19 days ago

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