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Certificate "Pending Validation" after Domain transfer from one AWS Account to another.



Yesterday, I transferred a domain of mine from my one AWS account to another AWS account. Once the domain was transferred, I deleted the hosted zones for the domain in the old account, I created a certificate for the domain in ACM and added the CNAMES in the new account.

Normally, it only takes a few minutes for the validation to complete; however, it's been almost 24 hours.

When I run dig +short, nothing is returned.

I suspect the domain transfer is what is causing the issue but not sure how to resolve it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

1 Answer
  • Go to the Registered domains page on Route 53 Web Console.
  • Select the domain to check the detail.
  • Check the values of Name servers property.
  • Configure the value of Name servers to the name servers of the hosted zone that you newly created.

Good luck!

answered 5 months ago
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reviewed 5 months ago

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