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TXT and CNAME records both required for open and click tracking?


The instructions to set up a domain for open and click tracking:

say to use a verified subdomain for this. Verifying a subdomain requires adding a DNS TXT record for that subdomain:

After verifying the subdomain, the instructions then require adding a DNS CNAME record for the subdomain. If the subdomain is HTTP, then the CNAME value is an AWS tracking domain. If it's HTTPS, then the CNAME value is the address of the CDN being used.

But the DNS for a domain (or subdomain) cannot have both a TXT and CNAME record. So how is one supposed to complete these instructions?

1 Answer

Okay, I figured this out.

First, let me point out that what I was talking about is not for open and click tracking in general, but for a custom domain for that tracking.

Second, I found out that a CNAME record is only not allowed to have another record with the exact same name. The name of the TXT record for verification has the prefix "_amazonses.", so the name is not exactly the same. The record that was preventing me from adding the CNAME record was an SPF record (a TXT record with a value starting with "v=spf1"). That record had been added automatically by my server company in case I was going to use this subdomain for sending e-mails. But this subdomain is only for open and click tracking and will never be used for e-mail, so that SPF record is completely unnecessary. So I deleted the SPF record, and after doing that, I was able to add the CNAME record.

So I now have a valid custom domain for open and click tracking.

answered 2 years ago

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