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I have a few questions on route 53.

If I have a domain registered in say, godaddy and I want to transfer it to aws route 53, what does that really mean? Does it mean that AWS will now hold the record of my domain in their Name Servers? Would that mean I have to cancel my domain from godaddy or retain it and if I retain my godaddy then I will be paying both godaddy and amazon right?

what does it literally mean when I change the default name servers in godaddy to aws name servers for my domain?

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I think you need to distinguish between the domain registrar and who manages the dns records.

GoDaddy can be the registrar without managing the DNS....any provider can. You can simply re-point the NameServer records to point to the new DNS provider, in this case, Route53.

In that case, yes you are paying both GoDaddy for the use of the Domain Name, and AWS for the DNS records/queries.

However, if you move the domain to AWS, you pay AWS a separate fee for being the domain registrar, so you really aren't saving any money one way or the other (Unless AWS is cheaper than GoDaddy for the Domain registration).

answered 2 years ago

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