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/AWS Billing Report files are improperly formatted (contains columns with no headers)/

AWS Billing Report files are improperly formatted (contains columns with no headers)


We are trying to ingest AWS billing data from the billing reports generated in S3 by AWS into our Snowflake datawarehouse. We are using a data extraction tool (Fivetran) to get this task done. The tool is working perfectly for every billing report except one file where we have additional columns with no data and no headers (just additional commas in csv file). Can AWS provide csv files which are properly formatted? it would save us some development time/effort to write code to parse the manifest file.

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That would be very frustrating. I would highly recommend opening a support ticket or reaching out to your account team to have us investigate this.

If you would like support to investigate your specific issue, you are encouraged to raise a Billing Support Case, in the AWS Console, click on the ? with a circle -> Support Center -> Create Case -> Account and Billing Support. The support folks should be able to investigate your specific account and situation.

answered a month ago

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