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I'm running a MySQL 8.0 instance and wonder if it is possible to modify the system parameter partial_revokes, introduced in version 8.0.16: . I have tried to create a new option parameters group but the option partial_revokes does not show up at all when searching for it.

When executing statement SHOW VARIABLES, the option partial_revokes is however shown in the results list.

So, anyone knows if this option is possible to modify?

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Hi Max-Max

If you are unable to locate the parameter within the parameter group, that means that parameter is currently not modifiable/supported within RDS.
Not all parameters available in MySQL 8.0 are modifiable for RDS MySQL.To determine the supported parameters for your DB engine, you can view the parameters in the DB parameter group used by the DB instance. For more information, see [1].

You can easily use the CLI command below to view the parameters for the parameter group, use grep to filter for the parameter you’re looking for:

aws rds describe-db-parameters --db-parameter-group-name default.mysql8.0 | grep partial_revokes

To learn more about the CLI and grep commands see [2] & [3]

Executing the statement SHOW VARIABLES would indeed show partial_revokes in the results list, however RDS being a managed service, there is limited access to OS level changes and SUPER privileges are restricted. Running the "SET PERSIST partial_revokes = ON;" on the database itself would give an access denied error.

I hope this helps


[1] Viewing parameter values for a DB parameter group

[2]CLI command

[3] How to use grep

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