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/What is "Service IPv4 range" in EKS console?/

What is "Service IPv4 range" in EKS console?


The help page in the console describes it as

The IP address range from which cluster services will receive IP addresses.

So what are "cluster services"? Is that the control plane or something else?

2 Answers

The range listed is used for the virtual IPs for the services. For example:

kubectl get svc -A -o=custom-columns='DATA:spec.clusterIP'
answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks, that's helpful. So if I understand it right, this range is used for ClusterIP services which are only accessible to containers running in the cluster. Packets addressed to them are intercepted by iptables rules and redirected. That means that they never make it to an actual network interface which is why the addresses can and should be outside of the CIDR range used by the VPC.


This is the IP address range used by Kubernetes services, see the launch announcement and the relevant documentation (click "AWS Management Console" tab and scroll down to the relevant description).

answered 2 months ago

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