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I'm getting charged and don't know how to stop it


So, I just started yesterday practicing with terraform and aws. Me and a coworker. We were doing an excercise to familiarize with terraform and aws following a guide. We were doing the same (except for deploying in different regions) We did terraform apply, everything works great. Later, I discover that I'm getting charged a large amount of money. He is not, his is a really really small amount. Mine: Enter image description here Enter image description here This is hours later after I did terraform destroy... I have no idea on how to stop this. What is causing this? There is no t2.medium or m4.large in my terraform code... just 2 t2.micro, an VPC, EKS... The NatGateway is no more... but it says there that it's being used and charging me hourly. What 4 services are active? It also says that there are two regions active. I know that eu-west2 london is one, but I'm really not sure about what the other one is or how to get to know that. I'm pretty much new to this so, I hope someone can help me. I already know it's going to spend the whole night charging me for no reason and feels really bad. Also, if I were to delete my account (not sure how it it), everything should stop 100% right?

Edit1: It's going up... Don't know what to do. Enter image description here

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AWS services cost depend on the region, generally it is less expensive in us-east-1.

For EKS you pay for the EKS dashboard even if the EC2 instances are down. (go to EKS and see if you still have your cluster)

Data transfer fees are there because you have more than 1 node in multiple AZs

Active region does not means you have service deployed there, in the cost explorer you can check cost per region.

Make sure to run terraform destroy and read the terraform plan to see how many resources were created and how many were destroyed.

You can go service per service and clean up manually in AWS console (which I don't recommend because those resources was created using terraform).

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answered 4 days ago
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reviewed 4 days ago
  • I'm confused on what was already there and what was created by my terraform... Some stuff had names that I wrote so those were easy but I feel that it created more stuff with no tag or something... I hava already deleted VPC... NatGateways... I'm checking regions and regions and still don't see whats causing it.

  • I think you should be good, and the forecast cost will be adjusted. Keep an eye on it

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