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Amazon Polly's voice license


Hi, I work as a copywriter and I'd like to create some voice posts with TTS. I'd like to know if Polly's synthetic voices have a license that can be extended to the employer (a web site owner in this case), and if Polly's voices can be used to create audio files for third parties. Thank you so much.

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Yes you can use Polly generated file in 3rd party application with no additional costs.

You can cache and replay Amazon Polly’s generated speech at no additional cost.


Store & redistribute speech

Amazon Polly allows for unlimited replays of generated speech without any additional fees. You can create speech files in standard formats like MP3 and OGG, and serve them from the cloud or locally with apps or devices for offline playback.


Therefore you are good.

Thx Dan

answered 8 months ago
  • Wonderful, thank you very much Dan!

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