how to add mutiple domain name to existing AWS certificate


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I requested for AWS certificate where i had mentioned one domain name which is a DNS name for my back end application. Now I want to add another URL to this certificate which is ELB hosted URL so that I can make back end https call using AWS ELB URl. Is it possible to edit the existing certificate?

Note: when I used AWS URL for https connection I am getting err_cert_common_name_invalid.

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I think it need to be done when you request a certificate , please see the below from Point no 2 (When you request a wild-card certificate...)

I am not too sure if you can update an existing one with a wild-card domain name

Request a public certificate using the console

To request an ACM public certificate (console)

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the ACM console at
Choose Request a certificate.
In the Domain names section, type your domain name.

2. You can use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), such as, or a bare or apex domain name such as You can also use an asterisk (*) as a wild card in the leftmost position to protect several site names in the same domain. For example, * protects, and The wild-card name will appear in the Subject field and in the Subject Alternative Name extension of the ACM certificate.

When you request a wild-card certificate, the asterisk (*) must be in the leftmost position of the domain name and can protect only one subdomain level. For example, * can protect, and, but it cannot protect Also note that * protects only the subdomains of, it does not protect the bare or apex domain ( To protect both, see the next
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answered 2 years ago

SSL certificates are digitally signed so modifications to existing issued certificates are not possible. You can, however, create a new certificate request for the primary domain name and choose Add another name to this certificate to add additional names.

You can also request a new certificate for an additional domain and attach that new cert to your load balancer along side the existing certificate. Add certificates to the certificate list

Note: You cannot request certificates for Amazon-owned domain names such as, you would need to request a certificate for a CNAME or alias record that points to your load balancer, Routing traffic to an ELB load balancer

answered 2 years ago

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