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On Dec 1, 2021, AWS put out a press release regarding SageMaker Ground Truth Plus that contained the statement:

To get started, customers simply point Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus to their data source in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and provide their specific labeling requirements (e.g. instructions for how medical experts should label anomalies in radiology images of lungs).

Can AWS provide medical experts for labeling medical data? Or am I misinterpreting this statement and the services included in this "turnkey" solution. (BTW, I've already built and tested a custom segmentation task for SageMaker Ground Truth and am looking for "expert" labeling.)

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That's a poor choice of example on their part; the FAQ for the service explicitly states: "Currently, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus is not a HIPAA eligible service."

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answered 23 days ago
  • True. However, there is plenty of medical data not covered by HIPAA, as is the case with the data I wish to have processed. Do you know if they have medical experts available for labeling / segmentation tasks?

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