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Cloudformation support for creating configurations


Great to see CloudFormation support coming out.

I did notice that only AWS::MSK::Cluster is available, but no way to create a configuration resource (

I'm right now looking into creating clusters programmatically as part of our recovery procedures, and would have liked to use a cloudformation template with minimal "glue scripts" around it, but for that I would also have to create a cluster configuration. Doing that as part of the glue script code works, but then I can also just use the AWS CLI for all steps and skip using CloudFormation.

Is support for MSK cluster configurations in CloudFormation "on the horizon"?

asked 3 years ago22 views
2 Answers

You are correct. We will support Configurations in CloudFormation soon. Until then you can create a configuration in MSK and then use the configuration ARN in your CloudFormation scripts.

answered 3 years ago

You can create MSK::Configuration in cloudformation now like:

    Type: "AWS::MSK::Configuration"
      Description: !Sub "${EnvironmentName}-${EnvironmentShard}-msk-cluster-configuration"
      Name: !Sub "${EnvironmentName}-${EnvironmentShard}-msk-cluster-configuration"
      KafkaVersionsList: [2.8.1]
      ServerProperties: |

and associate to the cluster with

    Type: 'AWS::MSK::Cluster'
      ClusterName: !Sub "${EnvironmentName}-${EnvironmentShard}-msk-cluster"
      KafkaVersion: 2.8.1
      NumberOfBrokerNodes: 1
        Arn: !Ref MskConfiguration
        Revision: 1
answered 2 months ago

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