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cloudformation SFTP transfer service with custom hostname


First off I am very new to AWS cloudformation, been working on templates for a couple months

trying to create a cloudformation template that creates an SFTP transfer service and adds a custom hostname. I was able to create the route 53 hostname and it all works fine with the exception the AWS Transfer Family dashboard does not show the Hostname for the server. I suspect it has to do with tags as I found this doc. I am using a parameter to get the HostedZoneId and use it via HostedZoneId: !Ref HostedZoneIdParam in the SFTPServerDNSRecord resource. is there a way to use t hat same parameter in a key/value as in Key: aws:transfer:route53HostedZoneId Value: /hostedzone/!Ref HostedZoneIdParam

Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated

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Hello dnew@,

For Custom Hostname to show up on the Transfer console server dashboard, you'll have to add the the Key/Value pairs aws:transfer:customHostname and aws:transfer:route53HostedZoneId within the Tags field of the server property.

I'll share an example CloudFormation template snippet below:

        Type: String
        Description: "Enter your R53 HostedZone-ID"
        Type: String
        Description: "Enter your Custom Hostname"
    Type: 'AWS::Transfer::Server'
        - Key: "aws:transfer:customHostname"
          Value: !Ref CustomHostname
        - Key: "aws:transfer:route53HostedZoneId"
          Value: !Join [ '/', [ "/hostedzone", !Ref HostedZoneID] ]

The above should help you achieve your use-case. Let me know if you have questions.



-- Sagar

answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for the answer and YES! that was the fix. However, my syntax was a little different. yours looks cleaner than mine, can you explain the !join syntax a bit? like is yours better/more acceptable than my code below? I i found the syntax I used referencing the Fn::Join AWS documentation

    Tags: - Key: Ownership Value: it_infrastructure - Key: aws:transfer:route53HostedZoneId Value: !Join - '' - - '/hostedzone/' - !Ref HostedZoneIdParam - Key: aws:transfer:customHostname Value: !Ref SFTPHostnameParam

  • Hello dnew@,

    Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. To your question, both syntax's are correct and I believe its just a matter of preference on which one you are more comfortable with.

    -- Sagar

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