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Hello there,

I have implemented Nice DCV 2022.1 (r13300) Server on AWS EC2 Ubuntu-20.04.4 LTS with GNOME desktop. In DCV Server, I'm using console session. I have installed and configured Xdummy server to allows the X Server to run with a virtual frame buffer. Whenever, I connect to DCV session using browser or DCV Client, the desktop resolution doesn't fit to Screen. Even DCV display resolution is configured with adapt automatically.


However, When I click Full screen on DCV tool bar, its extending and desktop is fit to screen.


But normally its not fit to screen. I don't know what I was missing. I need to scaling the display resolution when I connect dcv session from browser or Dcv Client.


Can any one please help me to resolve this case? I have attached screenshot to refer.

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Thanks for posting!

This is expected behavior for DCV console session on Linux servers without GPU. With XDummy, you could add or change the list of supported resolutions by following the instructions here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/dcv/latest/adminguide/setting-up-installing-linux-prereq.html#linux-prereq-nongpu

The reason that DCV scales up to fill the screen in full screen mode but not in regular window mode is probably because the full screen resolution is one of the specified resolutions on that list.

Hope this helps!

answered 3 months ago
  • Hello,

    Just I had a look at the AWS AppStream2.0 with AmazonLinux. They are using DCV Console session in AWS AppStream. But linux desktop is fit to screen. If possible here, then we can do the same things in NiceDCV console session? Can you please share the Xdummy configuration for Scaling DCV screen resolution?

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