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PG_CRON doesn't work


Hi, I have a RDS instance, I was used to running maintenance sql statements using pg_cron but for some reason it has stopped working and I can't seem to work out why. I no longer can see any activity in cron.job_run_details and my parameters in my RDS instance stay the same. I have also tried the following UPDATE cron.job SET nodename = ''; with no luck. Can anyone please advise?

1 Answer

Hi ,

I understand you are trying to run maintenance sql statements using pg_cron and it has stopped working.Please correct me if I misunderstood.

The pg_cron extension is supported on RDS for PostgreSQL engine versions 12.5 and higher. Please verify your engine version if it is updated to the supported one.

Please also verify if you have done the following :

1)Is cron_job enabled

2)Enabling the pg_extension,granting permissions to the pg_cron,scheduling pg_jobs following the link[1].

3)For further assistance you can contact AWS Customer Support to review your RDS instance[2].

I hope the above is helpful.




answered 3 months ago

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