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Non celebrity person recognition using Amazon Rekognition


Is it possible to use Amazon Rekognition to detect faces of employees in a video of my company employees? I know Amazon Rekognition Video Analysis can analyze videos and detects objects, activities, people, celebrities, but can I use it for custom people (e.g. company employee) detection? In this case, instead of a celebrity name, it will be an employee name.

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Yes, this is possible. See Searching stored videos for faces.

First, you create a collection of faces. In this case, you would create a collection of employee's faces. See Adding faces to a collection.

Then, you can StartFaceSearch and provide the ID of your face collection, so Amazon Rekognition will only search for those faces. This is an asynchronous call, so when the processing has been completed, you use GetFaceSearch to fetch the results.

answered 2 years ago

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