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I am trying to send an email using a template. When I try to send the email AWS CLI I get a MessageId in response, which I assume means there was no problem with the command, but I don't receive the email in my inbox. I have checked the spam. The sender email is verified and SES is in production mode. Even though I don't get an error the email is not even counted in the Daily email usage counter.

$ aws ses send-templated-email --cli-input-json file://myemail.json

    "MessageId": "0108017eb764e317-3e9252f2-690f-4070-9da0-3a783df5f46d-000000"


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do you have template helper used? ( conditional scripts) I am having a similar issue and scratching my head for a week now. One way to test it is to try the same template from console and see email getting delivered. Following is the link to my post.

answered 2 years ago

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