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Lightsail Distribution not Resolving



I have a Lightsail distribution using a bucket as an origin for my Wordpress instance.

I've set an A record for my apex domain ( pointing to my distribution. I also set a CNAME record for pointing to the default domain (

Nothing works.

I have an SSL certificate for both domains ( and which appears valid and in use.

The setup seems to be fine, but even if I go directly to the domain, it won't resolve and I get the following error:

<Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>B0EYV5RM142PFS93</RequestId> <HostId>p9h5yZ05E1UqUWKppER2q2s1YuRaGvIIgl+jear2oB6oS8AGbTGbOFrYYVt0rjLqOg4Vd2LsFyw=</HostId> </Error>

I haven't touched the wp-config.php file at all, but I did set the Let's Encrypt certificate to automatically turn HTTP requests to HTTPS.

Has anyone had this issue as well? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Luis

  • Lightsail distribution using a bucket as an origin for my Wordpress instance

    If the distribution is pointing to the bucket, how would that serve your WordPress site? Are you using a tool to export a static site from WordPress to that bucket?

    Check with your registrar that it's pointing to the correct set of DNS records. Every time you create a DNS record in Lightsail the NS servers change, so you would need to update that if you've created a new Hosted Zone

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Update: the domains are apparently working according to, however there is not redirect from HTTP to HTTPS and I still keep getting the same error either with the apex domain or the www subdomain.

answered 21 days ago

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