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We received a notification for a couple of our beanstalk environments concerning the deprecation of the platform. Here is the notice:

AWS Elastic Beanstalk has detected you have active Elastic Beanstalk environments in US-EAST-1 that are running on a platform version with an upcoming retirement date of March 01, 2020. Elastic Beanstalk is retiring these platform versions containing Nginx 1.12 or earlier, which are marked end of life by its supplier. You can find more information about the upcoming retirement dates in the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Support Policy.[1]

* What do I need to do?
We recommend that you migrate your environments to the latest supported platform version as soon as possible. Your environments running on platform versions with a retirement date of March 01, 2020 in the US-EAST-1 Region are listed in the 'Affected Resources' tab.

* Why do I need to take an action?
Migrating to the latest supported platform version will benefit your application with important security, performance, and functionality enhancements. For more information about platform migration, see "Updating Your Elastic Beanstalk Environment's Platform Version" section of our documentation[2] in the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Developer Guide. 

* What will happen after March 01, 2020?
Starting March 01, 2020, you will no longer be able to create new Elastic Beanstalk environments using a retired platform version.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the AWS Support Team on the community forums and via AWS Premium Support.[3]


I looked at the concerned environments and I don't get it. We are running on docker environments and they are at the current latest platform: Docker running on 64bit Amazon Linux/2.12.9. Is it possible that the NGINX version is relative to the AMI configured under the instance settings? If ever I want to update that AMI, what AMI should I use?

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Hi, I am still wondering what I should do with that piece of information!

Am I the only one with that problem?

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If your Elastic Beanstalk environment is running on 'Docker running on 64bit Amazon Linux/2.12.9 then it contains Nginx 1.14.1. This is a supported platform version and is not retiring.

Sent you a private message with more details.

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