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/Manage identities in AWS SSO - how to create Users via CLI or API ?/

Manage identities in AWS SSO - how to create Users via CLI or API ?



It seems like there is no way to create Users via CLI or API !

Am I missing something?

Note: I am not after external identity provider (IdP) or Microsoft AD. I have simple use case but I wanted to change/manage AWS SSO users in bulk so looking for solution.

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I am afraid that the answer is no, it is currently not possible to create AWS SSO users via CLI. Having said that, there is already a feature request in place about such functionality. However, I will not be able to provide an ETA at present on when and if such a feature will be released.

With that said, I would also suggest to have a look on this blog which shows "how to bulk import users and groups from CSV into AWS SSO" in case you are interested.

answered 6 months ago

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