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AWS MediaConvert major sudden slowdown in transcoding speed



I have been using AWS MediaConvert for a while to transcode videos. Since the 25th of May, I notice that the transcoding step takes half an hour when using a sample small video. This in contrast to a couple of seconds of how it used to be before the 25th. The same video is used and there are no changes to the configuration of the MediaConvert job.

For example, now I see in the mediaconvert dashboard the submit time of 2022-06-02 13:23:54 and a finish time of 2022-06-02 13:49:58

An example of a long running job id: 1654169034448-uehndv An example of a fast running job id: 1653030543613-wixaa6

What can explain this sudden major increase in transcoding time by AWS Mediaconvert?

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Accepted Answer

Our service team reviewed the logs for job 1654169034448-uehndv and found that the image source configured for the Image Inserter Processor could not be found at the time the job was run. The job retried many times before eventually timing out on fetching the image. If you resubmit your job with a updated/corrected path to the source image, it should transcode quickly.

answered 4 months ago

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