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Pricing of D-Wave's Quantum Annealer if qbsolv is used


I have the following question: If I use D-Wave's Quantum Annealer via Amazon Braket and if I also use the D-Wave method qbsolv, since my problem instance of my optimisation problem is too large for the quantum processing unit of D-Wave's machine, how exactly will this be charged? To be more precise: Will this still be charged as a single task, no matter how many subproblems qbsolv generates, or will every created subproblem be charged as a single task by Amazon Braket? I will call the method qbsolv only once.

Thanks in advance.

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D-Wave's qbsolv method will take a larger annealing problem and decompose it into smaller annealing problems which it then sends separately to the target sampler. If qbsolve is set to send problems to Amazon Braket, each of the smaller problems that are sent are tasks. So one call to qbsolv will result in the creation of multiple tasks on Amazon Braket.

answered 7 months ago

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