Hacked AWS account closure with no credit card


Hi, I setup an AWS account as a student on a course in 2019. My account got hacked yesterday Aug 22, and an alternate email was added without my consent and huge charges run up. My predicament is my credit card linked initially is no longer active as I moved countries and AWS want me to add a new credit card to my account. I am new to the country that I moved in. It will take a year to get a credit card and in the meantime AWS keep telling me to contact the bank to sort the credit card. Finding it futile telling them that the bank will not provide me a credit card without establishing a credit rating. They refuse to close the account and delete resources, stating privacy issues. The greater issue of cybersecurity breach and customer assistance is no longer on their list. PLEASE HELP

  • Your question is not clear, you wanted to get back your account? or you wanted to get new credit card?

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this frustration. This is not the experience we want for you. Which is why I have looked into your case and have taken steps to communicate the gravity of your inquiry to our team handling your case.

Here on re:Post, I am not able to securely speak about account specific details. To safely address your questions, I ask that you communicate your concerns directly through your case correspondence.

Kindly reply to your most recent message from our Support team so that they can assist.

— Aimee K.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi Aimee, I contacted support again on my case notes. They keep repeating the same about adding a new payment card. They don't seem to have any instructions on how to handle my case. How do I move ahead, if it is going to take months for getting a new credit card in a new country? IT IS SERIOUSLY SUCH A DEADEND. The team dealing with the case said that the notes only repeat the same about adding a valid payment card. That is not adding any new info to my case. It is not helpful at all!

  • Hi Aimee, Any follow up on my predicament. I am still in a limbo

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