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/Backup external server data to AWS over SSH/

Backup external server data to AWS over SSH


Hello everybody,

I run an server outside of AWS which can be accessed over SSH.

I don't want to do backups from the server to AWS. It should work the opposite.

How can I run a serverless tool in aws, which is daily connecting to the server and copy all data to a cheap AWS storage. Is there something build in or do I have to build something on my own with Lambda? and S3 Glacier? (Or how would you do this?

Thank you

1 Answers

While there is AWS Transfer for SFTP, it provides an SFTP server (and cannot login to existing SSH/SFTP servers).

So for your use case, the most serverless option is probably to create a (via EventBridge periodically executed) CodeBuild job which either

or - another possibility without EFS, but with S3 (and thus Glacier storage tier possible):

  • Create an AWS Transfer SFTP Server
  • calls (in the buildspec) rsync/scp awstransferendpoint:/

You might also be able to remove the AWS Transfer SFTP step by directly mounting the S3 bucket in the CodeBuild job with s3fs-fuse.


answered 24 days ago
  • I am new to aws and wondering why you choose buildspec to do this. Why not a lambda python script. Is there a specific reason?

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