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My EC2 instance which hosts my server randomly went down recently. One of the status checks is flagging, and I have included the system log as well. The IAM rules and the security groups are all set and work with other instances. I can't connect to my instance to get the data so I can create a new instance to run our server. I cant even run the command from the log because I cannot SSH into my instance.... Rebooting didnt help either or using the snapshot / AMI image creation / using the volume.

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Hi Iyvan,

You could recover your data by launching a new EC2 instance and mounting the Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume from the first instance. This would let you browse the file system of the first instance and copy off any data you needed. You can find instructions for attaching the EBS volume to the new instance in the EC2 documentation. Be sure to first detatch the volume from the first instance.


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  • Hey Joel,

    So I tried this and it causes this error: We were unable to connect to your instance. Make sure that your instance’s network settings are configured correctly for EC2 Instance Connect. For more information, see Task 1: Configure network access to an instance.

    I had this on my original instance as well, and the instance was able to connect before swapping volumes. Does this mean my data is corrupt and I cannot recover it?

    Appreciate all the help.

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